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    Mediation is one of the most effective methods

    of preventing, managing and resolving conflicts.

    © Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, 2012

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    Most business disputes can be successfully

    resolved through mediation.

    In 86% - 90% cases parties achieve

    agreement through mediation.*


    *data of CEDR (UK) 2016

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    Do team conflicts impair effective work?


    Our mediators help to transform

    the conflict into resource for growing

Mediation Agency DecisionLab

We are qualified experts having significant legal background and skilled in mediation, which is a type of alternative dispute resolution.

We are convinced that effective dispute resolution helps to develop businesses and enhance economic growth.

W H Y   D E C I S I O N L A B ?

Professionalism: our skilled experts contribute to successful resolution of disputes ranging in complexity and industry in which they arise

Efficiency: we provide decision-making support to achieve more effective results than those achieved through judicial procedures or standard negotiations

Ample opportunities: in the mediation process, we assist the parties in the comprehensive investigation of interests and opportunities for making commercial-effective decisions.



High rate of decisions performance

Agreements reached are balanced, realistic, and  performed voluntarily.

Comfortable process

Mediation is a less formal and more flexible process as opposed to litigation.

Preserves relationships


Mediation allows to save or rebuild relationships destroyed by the dispute.

Preserves reputation

 Mediation allows to keep the very existence of a conflict confidential to preserve reputation.



Mediation, unlike litigation, ensures full confidentiality.

Gives control over outcome

The parties in mediation retain full control of outcome as opposed to litigation where the court has exclusive control of the outcome.



Mediation can be set up in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to litigation that typically takes months or years.

Financial economy


Mediation is cost-efficient as compared to litigation.




Business Mediation

as an effective tool to resolve disputes


Coaching for mediation / negotiations

to make your negotiations more efficient


Mediation Coordination

from getting "yes" to mediation to organising the entire process


Legal support in mediation

for practical solutions


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