Ukrainian Bar Association: New Committee on Mediation!

Mediation committee

Ukrainian Bar Association: New Committee on Mediation!

A mediation committee at the Ukrainian Bar Association has been established at the initiative and in cooperation with the mediators of our agency!

Olga Khmaruk commented on the creation of the committee in an interview with the Ukrainian Bar Association:

"On the birth of the idea of ​​creating the Committee

The fact is that the UBA is one of the most influential associations of lawyers. And mediation is getting popular helping to resolve legal disputes. The disputes may be different: for exampe, in business or in family. Thus, we've got onto a good idea of ​​creating the Committee. When we addressed the Association, it appeared that Svitlana Sergeeva had just started working on this. Therefore, we established a productive collaboration based on the principles of mediation and created the Committee together.

July 1: a landmark coincidence or a brilliant plan?

It's a happy coincidence! In general, mediation does not require detailed regulation, as it is a negotiation process managed by a mediator. But in order for every lawyer who offers this tool, every client who turns to it, to feel more protected, the law is really needed. It is necessary, in principle, to enshrine mediation and the profession of a mediator in the lexicon of the state and the people who live in it. Yes, every time they turn to the law, people will be able to understand: what kind of process and result they can expect.

About the first steps of the newborn

Of course, we will start conducting educational activities so that lawyers understand: where, when and under what circumstances they can offer mediation to their clients, when this process can be beneficial for them. We will talk about the criteria for the mediatability of disputes and many other issues.

And most importantly, we will discuss ways in which a lawyer, while staying within his/her functions, can participate in mediation process and help clients find beneficial solutions.

Invitation to the ranks of the Committee

The future is in the process of mediation which is based on the satisfaction of mutual interests and benefits. This is not about forcing the use of a new tool, but about joining us voluntarily. Join, come, learn more and participate! Currently in Ukraine, mediation represents the innovative approach that will help make the legal service more tailored to business interests (as concerns business mediation) and personal (as concerns family disputes). Mediation allows taking into account not only the legal grounds, but also the psychological needs of the parties."

Now, with a permanent platform, we aim to work actively with lawyers to expand the capabilities of legal services and make mediation an affordable way to resolve legal disputes and conflicts in business and family relationships.

We plan many educational activities to help you learn how to offer mediation to clients when the dispute is mediatable and how to get the most out of the process.

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