Conflicting Decisions: How to Overcome Impasse and Make the Right Choice

СУП DecisionLab УЦМ - анонс заходу 15.07.2020

Conflicting Decisions: How to Overcome Impasse and Make the Right Choice

Have you ever faced a difficult dilemma when it is impossible to make a choice or the choice is the lesser of two evils? Nowadays tension deepens as a result of the economic crisis and uncertainty.

Every day, company executives have to make ambiguous decisions with many unknowns:
• make redundant or leave employees?
• transfer money to pay off debts or invest in development?
• what areas of business to develop and where to direct the company's resources?

On July 15, at our third event of the Conflict Lab at organized together with the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP), we will tell you how to overcome internal conflict and make the necessary decision in a timely manner, show how to work with your own interests and determine business needs. Then, we will practice new behaviors in difficult situations.


Galyna Eremenko, a mediator accredited by CEDR (UK), a member of the international network of mediation trainers (CEDR trainers-network), head of the Ukrainian Mediation Center at kmbs, Ph.D. in law.
Olga Khmaruk, a mediator, co-founder of DecisionLab, an experienced lawyer who handled hundreds of cases in court.
Olena Bilozor, a mediator, co-founder of DecisionLab, a lawyer with 20+ years of experience in supporting clients in leading Ukrainian and international law firms.

We invite to participate: business owners and managers, lawyers, HR professionals and other professionals for whom negotiations are part of their professional life.

Date: July 15
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: ZOOM