Lviv Mediation Forum 2019

Олена Білозор, Світлана Сугак

Lviv Mediation Forum 2019

📣 Top picks from the Lviv Mediation Forum this year:

🔖 Development of the mediation market in Ukraine

Ukraine is between the stage of market establishment and the stage when innovators start using the service.

🔦 Interim results of the business mediation survey

According to the KROK Business School, 34% of the respondents were not satisfied with the court as the way to resolve their disputes, 26% said that the court was not effective, and 25% said that sometimes the court did satisfy their needs, but not to the fullest.

37% spend up to UAH 1 million a year on dispute resolution. 22% spend about UAH 100,000 a year.

77% believe in effectiveness of mediation as an alternative way to resolve disputes.

23% think it is possible that mediation is effective, but they do not know for sure.

There were no respondents who did not believe in the effectiveness of mediation. The study runs through December 9 this year, and you can join here.

⏰ Litigation timing

Unfortunately, not only Ukraine but also many EU countries cannot ensure speedy trial in courts.

For example, according to the World Bank, the average court hearing in Latvia lasts 275 days, in Belgium - 505 days, in Italy - 1210 days.

The average cost each party pays per case is about EUR 10,500. By these parameters, mediation is much more effective.