Mediation between Business Co-Owners

Mediation between Business Co-Owners

Mediation between Business Co-Owners

Setting up a company, future partners carefully develop its mission and business profile and discuss how they will manage the company and distribute profit. At the same time, even if business co-owners seem to have taken into account all the intricacies of future work, conflicts between them cannot be excluded.

Conflicts between business co-owners can arise for different reasons. Most often, conflicts are caused by different perspectives that co-owners have regarding further business development, ways of using company profit, requirements to the candidacy of a CEO, etc. Conflicts can arise from the differences of how each of the founders sees each other’s scope of necessary personal involvement. For example, one of them can think that his/her partner devotes too little of his/her time and effort. Or on the opposite, - takes all the credit. Personal participation of each of the partners can be different indeed but it is hard to estimate it from a monetary point of view. It is also true that legal documents do not always contain actual investment of business co-owners.

If business co-owners fail to build a dialogue, they usually go over to the “warfare” strategy, get involved in lengthy litigations, which entail risks of serious financial and reputational losses. The business success at large depends on how quickly and efficiently a dispute between the co-owners will be resolved; whether a conflict will cause a break-up of the company or the company will be able to continue its operations. To resolve a dispute, reach conciliation, and save the company, it is best for the partners to use mediation as an out-of-court way of dispute resolution that is facilitated by a neutral participant – mediator who helps the parties resolve a conflict and come to a mutually beneficial solution.

Mediators of the DecisionLab agency take a systematic approach to deal with a crisis by helping the co-owners identify the reasons of a conflict and develop ways to make the necessary adjustments to the company’s performance.

Mediator is an experienced negotiator who keeps the balance of power in the process of conflict resolution. Our experts will help the parties focus on resolution of the problem which caused a conflict, and to negotiate in a way so that they reach an agreement and find a solution that fits them both.

We, mediators of the DecisionLab agency, through mediation procedure, will help business co-owners resolve a conflict quickly, efficiently, confidentially, and without financial or reputational losses.