Choosing the right mediator to resolve your dispute is of paramount importance, since it is the mediator who will be helping you reach the greatest deal in the negotiations.

First of all, decide whether you require mediation. As a starting point analyze available options to resolve the dispute, what are the risks, costs, what is the probability of each of the scenarios. If you have come to the conclusion that it makes sense for you to negotiate with the other side in mediation, start choosing a mediator:

1.   Search for mediators in available sources. Make a list of those you see as experienced in the area in which the dispute arose. For example, to resolve a contract dispute, it is better to choose a business mediator, rather than a family mediator, and vice versa, to resolve issues related to divorce, children and inheritance, it makes sense to turn to the family mediator. Among business mediators it is also worth to search for those who have knowledge in the specific area of your dispute, although this is not critical, since the role of mediator is not to consult you but to facilitate the negotiations.

2.   Compare the education of mediators, and how long ago they received it; whether they have been practicing mediation since the time they finished their education; whether they continue to learn further.

3.   Check if the mediators know the required languages.

4.   Find out the cost of the mediator's services.

5.   Hold a meeting with those of them who remained on the list. It is important that the mediator inspire confidence in you. This person should be both an understanding and a good analyst, and the one who can keep the issue under discussion in focus. It is also important that the mediator is neutral, that is, he/she should not actively support you and take your side. His/her task is to treat you and your opponent with the same respect.

Having chosen mediator for your dispute, sign a contract with him/her to acknowledge and confirm the agreed terms.

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