Quarantine - We Continue Working Online!


Quarantine - We Continue Working Online!

Nationwide quarantine has been extended until April 24, 2020, and so far it is unclear how the situation will develop in the future. The restrictions imposed affect not only our operation of businesses but also the work of state courts. It is difficult to predict how and when Ukrainian courts will get fully operational.

As the time does not stand still for all of us, and the need to resolve disputes does not disappear, we suggest resolving disputes and conflicts through online mediation conferences. Contact us if your litigation is stuck for the time of the quarantine or there is a dispute that needs to be resolved right now.

You can start the process at any time, that works for you and the mediator. Also, unlike a litigation where the case is usually considered for years, in the mediation a dispute may resolved during several days or weeks.

What disputes can be settled in mediation?

Contractual and other commercial disputes

Disputes between business owners

Disputes in the family business

Team conflicts

Family disputes

Mediation, in addition to resolving the dispute itself, brings the added value - you will be able to recover a court or arbitration fee, and retain or restore relationships that are critical to business and family success.

What to do now? Contact any of our mediators for advice.

The initial advice is free of charge. We will help resolve your dispute!