Business Mediation

We offer services to resolve business conflict through mediation. Mediation is a less expensive and lengthy procedure to resolve disputes compared to court proceedings or arbitration. In Ukraine, only seven per cent of population trust the courts, and therefore effective dispute resolution in the commercial sphere is of essence for the business.

How is the process of mediation built?

Business mediation is an organized process where two or more parties voluntarily resolve their dispute with an assistance of a business mediator.

The process of mediation begins with parties addressing the mediator of our agency and includes the following steps:

   ›     provision by the parties of information on the merits of the dispute and study of such information by the mediator

   ›     preliminary meetings in person or on telephone with each party in order to determine the range of participants and their powers, time and place for the mediation procedure, as well as to discuss other issues relevant to the resolution of the conflict

   ›     general and individual meetings with the parties aimed at exploring arguments and interests, risks and alternatives, discussing solutions to the problem and finding a mutually beneficial resolution

   ›     coordination and signing of an agreement on the results of mediation.

The use of mediation to resolve disputes can improve relationships with business partners by fostering dialogue and joint search for solutions. We are responsible for creating conditions promoting cooperation between the parties.

In what disputes can mediation be used?

Worldwide, mediation has established itself as an effective tool for resolving disputes and conflicts arising from contractual and non-contractual relations in all areas of commercial activity.

DecisionLab mediators provide business dispute resolution services, including:

⇒     between business co-owners, including in family business

⇒     as to the title to the property (real estate, land or other) or the rules for its use

⇒     contractual disputes (including cross-border contractual disputes)

⇒     workplace and employment

⇒     intellectual property and franchising

⇒     real estate construction and development

⇒     finance and banking (between lenders and borrowers)

⇒     consumer disputes.

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Mediation services when there is no dispute

We also offer mediation services in non-contentious negotiations, for example, during negotiations in relation to investment projects or setting up a business. In this case, we thoroughly prepare for the negotiation process and help determine the range of issues to clarify. Such a balanced approach will help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.

You can read more on mediation when starting a business here.

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