Coaching for mediation / negotiations


We offer our assistance in preparing for mediation and negotiation. As a result, you will get a clear idea of ​​your goals, interests, needs, problematic aspects, risks and alternatives.

In particular, we organize the preparation process, which includes the following steps:

Stage 1: the definition of the original purpose of the negotiations.

Stage 2: collection of factual information relevant to the subject of the negotiations.

Learning information and collecting data have an important practical purpose. In particular, it will be the basis for an informed dialogue and broadening the scope of potential decisions in the negotiation process.

Stage 3: analysis of own interests and needs.

Interest analysis allows you to move away from the initial positions of the parties, to expand the vision of the problem and ways to solve it. Knowing your interests makes it easier to declare and discuss them in the negotiation process.

Step 4: gather information about the potential interests and needs of the other party.

Understanding the interests of the other side increases the chances of finding common goals and moving forward in the negotiation process towards a result that will satisfy the participants in the negotiation process.

Step 5: analysis of the best alternative, worst alternative and most likely scenarios.

A meaningful analysis of the best alternative, worst alternative and most likely scenarios helps to realistically assess your prospects in the negotiations and make informed decisions about further actions.

Stage 6: development of preliminary solutions.

Developments of preliminary decisions and understanding of objective criteria make it possible to see clearly the ways of realizing interests in the negotiation process.

Preparing for negotiations and mediation will improve their results, since you can not only pay more attention to the negotiation process, but also better evaluate the offered solutions.