Mediation Coordination

We offer mediation services to engage the other party to the mediation. You can contact our specialists and we will hold the necessary negotiations with the other party or parties to the dispute, motivating for participation in mediation and consent provision.

What is the purpose of the service?

For example, you have decided to use mediation to resolve the dispute. Participation in this process is voluntary; therefore, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the other party for the implementation of mediation.

In this case, we will negotiate with the other party to determine whether the dispute can be successfully resolved in the mediation process, namely:

♦   provide complete information on this procedure and the benefits of its application.

♦   find out the party’s perception of the conflict and the reasons for its occurrence.

♦   explore possible ways to resolve the dispute, including other than mediation ways, and analyze the advantages or disadvantages of each of them.

♦   help the party to cope with unrealistic expectations and determine their own interests, hide behind positions, see prospects and formulate solutions for conflict resolution.

We do not enter the mediation process, but move within the appropriate limits to obtain the consent of the other party and increase its level of involvement in your mediation process.

What do you get?

If parties have agreed to mediation dispute, are aware of their essence, their role, have negotiated purposes, they are more willing to cooperate to achieve the goal. The parties take mediation decisions based on their own interests. The constructive attitude of the parties to the procedure allows participants

in the process spend less time to establish a constructive dialogue and move faster towards common arrangements.

For whom?

If you are the lawyer, attorney, mediator or party to the dispute, and you have a professional, procedural, ethical or other restrictions on contacts with the other party to the dispute and/or need professional support consent of the other party, our experts will help you organize negotiations.

In addition: organizational support for the mediation process

We also offer our resources to organize the process of providing the venue for negotiation and the necessary instruments for mediation, preparation of the case file and necessary documents.

You can attract any mediator outside of our company and take advantage of our service to involve the other party to the mediation.

Contact us, and DecisionLab specialists will help make your mediation process effective and successful.